Some simple startpoints

My name is Steven Heynderickx and I have been using Wikidot for more then 3 years now I guess, could be longer. Wikidot is a wonderful tool that enables you to make sites in very little time with a lot of cool functionality.

However if your site starts to grow you need some tools or functionality that is not yet available in wikidot… or which is a combination of some cool tools you did not yet think of.

On this Website I explain and I made available some of those "extended" uses that can really help managing your site. AND!!! as the title might suggest… I kept it as simple as possible.

Some of the features are on this site, but for some features I made a separate site… In that way, a separate site hold only the functionality and coding needed for that specific use. Again to make it as clear and easy as possible to understand.

Simple form things

How to make a simple form to fill a table
How to make a checkbox with values
How to make an email field
How to make a skin-field for your form-display1

Simple other things

How to set up a blog in your existing site
How to count the pages of a certain category
How to make a simple popup
How to create a simple list by using an entery field
How to make a sexy button (roll over effect)


Autotaging pages2
How to send a mailform to a wikidot user from a list

Resources used

Change footnotes into mouse tips

More to come so start watching this site.

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