A simple blog

Step1: the goal of this tutorial

What is the difference between a blog and… well just a list of pages created in a certain category? For a non-blogger like me nothing, but for many like you out there, there is a big difference. So big even that a blog module is created as a package to be found at http://packages.wikidot.com/package:7.

However I see that installing this in an already existing site is not so easy. So I made this tutorial.

Some limitations:

  • This site is about "Simple solutions", so if you want to add or change things don't start asking questions here but go to the community-forum
  • The extra features that you get (posts by tags/posts by date) are only visible in your blog section, not in your general navigation
  • The blog editor has no edit-buttons so you need to know your wikisyntax

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Step 2: what do you need?

Well not much… three thing as far as I can tell.

  • a link to your blog section [[[blog:_start|my blog]]] somewhere in your navigation. Your navigation is situated in nav:side or nav:top
  • a page that lists all your blog enteries wich will be called blog:_start, notice that this is the page that is in the adress-bar of your browser if you are looking at the overview of your blog (not your blog-entery)
  • a template for the "blog:"-category wich will be blog:_template


  1. Edit your navigation: Add the code of http://packages.wdfiles.com/local--files/package%3A7/nav to your Side navigation
  2. Create the above mentioned pages "blog:_start" and "blog:_template".
  3. Select the source code that you can find at http://packages.wdfiles.com/local--files/package%3A7/_start and copy and past it in your site in the newly created page "blog:_start"
  4. Select the source code that you can find at http://packages.wdfiles.com/local--files/package%3A7/_template and copy and past it in your site in the newly created page and "blog:_template".

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Step 3: Who to thank / How to copy?

Well I am not here to recieve the credits. This is based on a package that Squark made. However if this tutorial was of help to you I would like to know about it. Rate this blog entery or write me a personal message Steven Heynderickx

If this is all still to much for you, then just go to testblog and just click on copy this site. WARNING! this is only for those who want to START a new blog site. So it's of no use if you want to integrate a blog in your existing site.

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